Maddy Mcclellan

about me

I have been practicing as an artist for over twenty years.


After my foundation year, I studied Illustration at Anglia Ruskin Polytechnic followed by a post graduate degree in sequential illustration at Brighton University.


I worked as an illustrator for many years, across magazines, packaging and within publishing, ultimately specialising in children's picture books. Throughout this time I continued to print, paint and exhibit my work as much as I was able and studied silkscreen printing and etching part time. However my great love of printmaking finally lured me away to pursue this exciting medium. I now concentrate full time making my own autonomous art, exhibiting and licensing my work, accepting the occasional illustration and design commission.


I delight in the fact that printmaking is such a hands on and broad medium, that I can make energetic ink marks, delicate lines and wonderful textured surfaces. I then combine them in a collage like effect with my assembled surface marks and shapes to get my desired outcome.


My subject matter reflects the nature surrounding my rural studio between the South Downs and the coast. I am inspired by our landscape, the creatures that inhabit it and the structures and form both natural and man-made that make the striking patterns within it.


Although a lot of my work does contain a figurative element, I am hugely drawn to the energy and expression in the simple application of the mark or line. This energy always excites me, the mark itself, the dynamic contrast of the negative spaces.

For me the marks on the paper must hold a spontaneity, movement and expression which is able to offer as much interest as the representational image.


Inspiration can come from things small things sometimes unnoticed, like the remarkable textures and pattern found on a pebble amongst the vastness of the landscape.


Travel has always been deeply significant to me, and I bring those experiences to my work. This has affected my colour palette and of late I will weave in influences like vintage and tribal textiles gathered on my travels in North Africa, which hold a mixture of graphic simplicity and slight randomness which is appealing to me.

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