Maddy Mcclellan


The artworks on this page are all limited edition silkscreen prints. Editions are small, usually ranging between just 15 and 30. Each one is signed and numbered.


Screen printing is a traditional printing technique that uses a fine woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. The screen consists of fine mesh that is tightly stretched over an aluminium frame. It is then coated with a photosensitive emulsion. The stencil (Design)is then placed on it and exposed.


When this is done the screen is washed, leaving the areas of the design to be printed, exposed so that the ink can be pressed through the open areas of the mesh onto the paper using a squeegee. A new stencil has to be created for each new element and colour of the design and the next colour layer is then squeezed through. This is repeated until all the colours have been printed. So for example, a 2 colour print would take less time and preparation than an 8 colour print.


All of my work is on high quality acid free paper using water based inks.


If you wish to view my work in person, you can make an appointment to visit my sussex studio. Also on my news page you will find out where I am currently exhibiting my work.




current editions

Dimensions listed refer to actual image size, all prints have approx 7cm paper size in each direction.

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